Hand Therapy

Whangarei Physio and Hand Therapy’s skilled and experienced team of Hand Therapists offer dedicated advice and treatment for all injuries and conditions affecting the hand, wrist and elbow. Under our current contract, for ACC covered injuries, we are able to offer treatment and customised splints or braces with no surcharge*.

Whangarei Physio and Hand Therapy has the most trusted and dedicated Hand Therapy team in Whangarei. Our Hand Therapists have been providing expert management of hand, wrist and elbow injuries for over 15 years to the wider Whangarei community. All our Hand Therapists have completed or are in the process of completing an extra three years of training to be registered with the New Zealand Association of Hand Therapy (NZAHT). Our expertise in Hand Therapy allows us to see those with ACC accepted claims for the hand, wrist and elbow with no surcharge and in the majority of cases this also extends to any customised splints or braces you may require.

Our Hand Therapists also provide treatment to private clients and private insurers.

The hand is a unique and complex part of our anatomy that is vital to good function and quality of life. Early care is paramount for hand injuries to ensure that optimal healing occurs and to achieve the best outcome possible. Many injuries if left untreated for too long won’t heal properly so the best advice is to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Please note a charge will apply for treatments and materials that are not covered by ACC or an insured provider.